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Blocked Drains Cleared in Newbury

When it comes to blocked drains, we understand the stress that can be involved. Blocked drains can cause foul odours and attract unwanted creatures, so we always work fast to ensure that your blocked drain is cleared immediately. As a responsive company, our customer’s can expect the quickest and most efficient services from Drains CO.

Drains Co love working in Newbury as it has a great market town charm. The town blends a rustic town identity in a rural setting. There are many castles in the town such as Highclere Castle and Donnington Castle that are wonderful to visit. Another great feature of Newbury is its world famous racecourse.

About Our Newbury Blocked Drain Clearance

Before clearing a blocked drain, running risk assessments is essential. By identifying the cause of the blockage, we are able to determine what might have caused the blockage and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

Our fully trained and qualified staff wear protective clothing and have all the equipment needed to clear a blocked drain without causing any further damage. Sometimes, a drain blockage can be caused because a drain has become old and worn, and we will inspect the drain and carry out necessary repairs or replacements.

The Benefit of Our Blocked Drain Clearance in Newbury

By choosing Drains CO to carry out your blocked drain clearance Newbury, you can take advantage of expert knowledge and the most dedicated employees. As we put our customers’ first, we are able to advise our customers on preventing future blockages and the best methods to use to clean and maintain drains. We understand that a blocked drain can be damaging to your local environment, so we aim to be with you as soon as possible, and clean the area after the drain has been cleared. Selecting the services of Drains Co will ensure you will have the best drain unblocking services in the country.

Contact Us for Blocked Drain Clearance

If you find that a drain is suffering from a blockage, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to answer your calls immediately, and we promise to do our best to remove the blockage in the shortest amount of time possible.


Why us?

• 30-90 minute response across Newbury

• Free Quotes and Estimates

• Prompt Reliable Service

• Local Honest Tradesmen in Newbury

• Experienced and skilled tradesmen in Newbury

• Over 10 years Experience

• 30% discount for repeat customers in Newbury


  • Drains CO arrived at my property in Newbury in no time, and worked so well to remove the blockage and clean the entire work area. Thank you – Miss Jenkins

  • This company is one of the most reliable. We have had many blockages in our drains and they have always cleared them so well, and we are more than happy with the service and the price that we pay – Mr and Mrs Pugh

No Hidden Extras


We love to gain customer referrals, so we ensure that we work on a what you see is what you get policy. Ensuring that there are no hidden charges over and above the price quoted. We always ensure we provide the work that is paid. As our service includes a no call out charge, our customers know that they can rely on us when the need emergency services.